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With options to date The Trapper, The Wraith, The Spirit, and The Huntress, there are nine different endings to try for, so Hooked on You has a considerable amount of replayability. In four of those endings, you’ll end up happily in love with a psychotic murderer, while in another four, you’ll have your heart broken. The final ending, only achieved once you’ve obtained the other eight, features everyone’s favourite K-pop killer. Be careful what you say to them all though, as saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could see you dead. It might look colourful and cute, but, yes, that’s a deadly weapon in The Trapper’s blood-stained hands. The cleverly-titled Hooked on You is, you see, a dating sim based on the 4V1 horror game Dead by Daylight, giving you the chance to date one of four eligible, um, killers.

While dating Sim games follow the same general guidelines, this type of game focuses on romance and seduction. These games let you woo virtual lovers at your discretion. Whether you prefer a simple romance story, want to date a pigeon, or like pursuing relationships across different genres, you should find something to satisfy you here.

There is an app called joiplay on android, and it can execute .exe and other files that most dating sims have, so you are able to play it with a few errors. There’s an optional paid version that increases the amount of dateable guys and adds a some neat extra features. Dating Sims is a parody visual novel that brings choice-based romance to the familiar world of The Sims 4. Cara Maine has just moved to the small and cozy town of Willow Creek, where she’s anxious to branch out on her own for the first time.


The prom happens near the end of year 2 and the year changes from year 1 to year 2 during September. So you’ve played through a year and gotten to September for a second time, that’s a normal switch and if you keep playing the prom will happen later. If you just started the game and haven’t played through any months but it still went right to year 2, that would be strange. Do not dismiss ‘I Love You, Colonel Sanders’ as just a marketing stunt – although it’s quite short, it is funny, weird, and free to play. In fact, it has one of the best intro videos ever seen in a dating sim.

Is a brand new otome dating simulation game in which the characters become a part of your everyday life. “Otome,” which translates to “maiden” in Japanese, is a genre that is mainly targeted towards women . The goal in an otome game, aside from the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female main character and one of several male characters. Another key feature of this game is how the cast retains their autonomy when you make decisions. Characters will disagree, thank, or even hate you for the choices you make, and this is never without consequence. This is a game where even doing the «right» thing will hurt someone you care about, and doing the «wrong» thing will save someone from a lot of pain.

But Western publishers are still apprehensive because of past failures and the large up-front script translation cost with an unsure audience. Also maybe I’m just not looking in the right spot, but when it comes to visual novels/video games I don’t think I’ve ever played a trans protagonist? Other quuer shows up sometimes, but I rarely see trans characters and stories delved into I loved it. I’m not «fully» trans, but I am nonbinary, so I related to a lot of aspects. I am also bi, and have faced many of the things Liam described. I also appreciated that sex was optional without affecting the romance at all.

There’s plenty to do, including growing and selling crops, fishing, exploring mines, and crafting new goods. I’ve heard of the game randomly freezing, but I don’t remember an error report problem happening so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. We’ll try to look into it soon though unfortunately our programmer is busy preparing for the release our of current project, Our Life, so results might be slow. Haha, I’m very glad you enjoyed him and I’m sure he’d appreciate having your soul veeerry much.

Hooked on You: A DBD dating sim

With the variety that these games offer, there’s a dating sim out there for anybody and everybody. This genre doesn’t discriminate by gender or sexuality; it’s vast and all-encompassing. Now that you can download The Sims 4 for free, it offers players a fully fleshed-out dating experience at no cost. For players looking to venture down the romance rabbit CrossPaths hole and a life full of trysts and meaningful relationships, there aren’t many stronger options. There are also boatloads of expansions available that come with a price tag but expand the world to bring greater realism to your endeavours. And when that doesn’t suit your needs, there’s always the best Sims 4 mods to download or The Sims 4 cheats to try.

MEmu Play is the best Android emulator and 100 million people already enjoy its superb Android gaming experience. The MEmu virtualization technology empowers you to play thousands of Android games smoothly on your PC, even the most graphic-intensive ones. ・Are familiar with otome animes or otome novels about lovely relationships with ikemen. ・Want to try an otome roleplay game with a love anime story of ikemen. The additional content has been added to the weeks prior to week 10! These include new scenes with the 4(.5) new characters and additional artworks.

To focus solely on perfecting this year’s field show, the band leaves behind society to spend two weeks at Camp Bearpaw, a sports compound located amidst the woodsy Pennsylvania countryside. It’s the perfect place to kindle friendships, make memories, grow as a leader, and perhaps even find love in between rehearsals… For the last few years, the Blue Mountain Bandits High School Marching Band has suffered from inconsistent directorship. Students are dropping out, scores and morale are at an all-time low, and the school doesn’t give the music program the respect it deserves. It looks super cute, and I really really really want to play it. Except, similarly to possibly some others, I cannot open it.

Would also love to be tagged, but if you don’t want the devs breathing down your neck, I understand. These are the people and organizations I have to thank for helping me bring this demo to life. If you are so generous as to support this game and its future, donations are welcome.

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We view it as a theft of assets and will take appropriate action against you. It’s an utterly unique «group dynamic» that can only happen in this setting, and it’s what I’m trying my best to realistically recreate in game format. But most of all, have fun and enjoy building bonds with the characters in a natural and free way.

It is pretty popular among import gamers and there has been a strong desire for the series to get localized for non-Japanese players. The first Angelique game came out in 1994 and the latest in 2021. While players are given options as to which girl to date, the most well-known one is on the game’s cover, Haruka Niimi. The Italian title for this game translates to «The Story of the Arcane Family.» It was released in 2011 for the PSP and has its foot in several genres from reverse-harem to adventure and romance. The story is about a powerful organization that makes contracts with Arcana cards that give them various powers. The leader of the organization decides to retire and holds a contest for who will be the new boss.

You know that I made a survey about the dating sim, right, you d-dummy? It’s here if you really want to give me feedback on the game. I will slam your head against the wall until there is nothing left. They’ve even smoothed the rate at which the tiled background scrolls, bless ‘em. Check out our pick of the best anime games, best sim games, and best short games you can play right now. Made by Psyop, the team behind Hooked on You, and commissioned officially by KFC, you just know I Love You, Colonel Sanders is the fun, tongue-in-cheek, finger-licking good dating sim you’re after.

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